Wednesday, 13 November 2013

XPax - Passenger Module for FSX / FS2004

XPax-FSX-FS9-PCAviator-01.jpgAdd the missing Module that Microsoft left out of Flight Simulator! X Pax for FSX and FS2004 adds the ability to carry virtual passengers on your next flights. This adds an element of realism (and some accountability) to your FS world. Be rough on the controls or hit the pavement a little too hard and you will soon know (and hear) about it from your passengers behind you!
Introducing a different kind of add-on from HiFi that works with both FSX and FS9!
With XPax, the experience of carrying passengers in an airline environment is brought to you in an entertaining and realistic way.
Passengers and their individual statistics including health and approval rating are constantly updated based on the performance of the flight. The entire flight process, from pre-boarding to deplaning, is simulated and supplemented by multimedia content including audio and video.
Cabin attendants, Gate Attendants and Captain voice sets are included and fully customizable using the easy options screen. New voice sets can be recorded with a few clicks of the mouse. Video, provided in a "Passenger point-of-view" format is also fully customizable within the interface with a bit of simple movie production.
XPax is designed to run along-side FS and automatically senses when certain phases of the flight take place, launching appropriate events, audio and video.
With XPax, everything you do is monitored closely and the passengers will react accordingly. Using abrupt control movements, climbing or descending too fast, obtaining unusual attitudes, too many g-forces, aggressive taxi turns or a hard landing will all reduce passenger satisfaction and in extreme cases will cause injuries!
Many other features, as well as a comprehensive user guide and top-notch HiFi customer support are all included.
  • Multimedia passenger carriage experience for FSX and FS2004 (dual compatible)
  • Complete manual or automatic control of connection, jetway, doors, boarding, deplaning and more
  • Real-time dynamic monitoring and simulation of passenger health and approval rating
  • Scoring and ranking system based on performance, with configurable approval sensitivity slider
  • 12 different audio sets provided in both male and female voices, in various accents
  • Report screen for viewing in-depth information and health/approval/scoring
  • Comprehensive aircraft browsing and selection screen
  • Exportable flight reports
  • Real-time dynamic aircraft weight control based on the passenger (and associated cargo) load
  • Geared towards airliners, but works with any aircraft (detailed cabin diagrams provided for the most popular airline aircraft including 3x3, 2x3x2 and 3x4x3 layouts)
  • Included Custom "Other" Generic Cabin Diagram is configurable for any kind of passenger load and layout
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004
  • FSX Requires Service Pack 1 (which includes SP1 SimConnect), and FS9 requires FSUIPC v3.75 or later (available free from
  • Windows XP or later (earlier operating systems not officially supported)
  • 1GB+ RAM
  • 500MB+ Free Hard Drive Space
  • .NET 2.0 (included with installation package)
  • Windows Media Player v11 or later
  • Internet Explorer v7 or later




Order your copy of XPax now from PC Aviator Australia at http://www.pcaviator...productid=19952

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