Wednesday, 16 July 2014

(Buy Online Here) Just Planes BluRay - Jetairfly 787-800

JustPlanes-Jetairfly-787-800-BluRay-PCAvIn Stock and Shipping Now from Brisbane, Australia.

Grab your chance now to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from the flight deck on flights to and from Brussels in Belgium, and Cancun in Mexico.

Jetairfly 787-800 BluRay Video Description:

Our 3rd Boeing 787 program features the very succesful Belgian airline, Jetairfly, part of the TUI group which operates the largest leisure fleet in Europe

We're very happy to return to Jetairfly after having previously filmed the Boeing 767, Boeing 737-800 and Fokker 100.

Jetairfly operates more than 160 routes to 105 destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean. In this program, more than 250 minutes in duration (over 4 hours), our pilots take you through all their work as they operate the Dreamliner on an 11-hour route from Brussels to Cancun, they present the aircraft inside out and focus on what's new and different on the aircraft plus fantastic views during the flights.

Video Features:

  • Cockpit filming using multiple cameras for great views on takeoff and landing
  • Flight Preparations covered
  • Cockpit Set-up explained and recorded
  • Briefings and Checklist run-throughs
  • External Walkaround performed by Captain
  • Depature and Arrival Airport Charts shown and explained
  • Cockpit Presentation including a look and description of major aircraft panel features
  • At Cancun - live runway camera for external views of our takeoff
  • Great scenery on departures and arrivals and en route will be enjoyed by viewers
  • Views of Cancun area on ground
  • Cabin Presentation included

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