Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nuvecta Treeline North America: Rhode Island Ready for Download

RI-01.jpgThe perfect complementary product for MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Rhode Island. Adds realistically placed trees and other objects to photoscenery, as well as aligns airports to fit the more accurate photoscenery placement, for maximum effect and realism. Get it here and now for under $5.00

Photo-real scenery comes alive with this 3-D autogen add-on. A small state with an incredible view. Forests and urban areas come alive on your favorite photo-scenery of Rhode Island - Newport to Providence, Block Island, and the woods of the mainland.

But this product comes with a further benefit. Included also is a free version of the new Landscape North America™ Rhode Island. The product is brand new - in a way it's a beta version: very useable but nuvecta wants to test the market and get constructive feedback from customers.

Flying with Treeline North America™ is very different from flying with JUST photo-real scenery. And finally it is possible to fly as real as it gets, leaving the table-cloth perspective of photo-scenery behind.

The world doesn't look flat on take-off or landing, approaches are more realistic, but you don't lose the excellent perspective provided by most photo-scenery add-ons. The photo-scenery springs to life as you maneuver close to ground level - at the airfield, taking off, on approach, or landing.

  • Treeline North America™ adds autogen trees to every state in the USA, plus Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The detail is based on enhanced commercial data to place autogen accurately down to the equivalent of 1:15000 scale maps.
  • Landscape North America™ adds additional autogen such as buildings to Treeline™. The 3-D experience and realism beyond photo-real is even further enhanced.
  • In addition there are a number of Project REALign™ airfields included - every airfield in Rhode Island (except Providence) has been checked for alignment with the real-world. They have been reset to correct the faulty placement in FSX and Prepar3D, lining up the runways with the real-world and photo-scenery:
    • 08R - Richmond
    • KBID - Block Island State
    • KOQU - Quonset State
    • KSFZ - North Central State
    • KUUU - Newport State
    • KWST - Westerly State
    • RI07 - Wing-Over Farm
    • RI11 - Riconn
    • RI20 - Mystery Farm (such a mystery we couldn't really find it! See if you can)


Order Treeline North America: Rhode Island at http://www.pcaviator...productid=20134

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