Thursday, 8 August 2013

UTS Airbus A32x IAE Sound Set for FSX/FS9 (Buy Download Online) - PC Aviator Australia

UltimateTurbineSound-A320x-IAE-SoundSet.Improve your Airbus engine and flight deck sounds with this set of replacement sound files for Airbus A32x series aircraft. This downloadable sound set will work for both FSX and FS2004 Airbus models. Recorded from real flights for the best realism.
The incredible and realistic sounds of Ultimate Turbine sound are recorded on real flight with different engine power variation

External sound
Recorded then modified to be used in Flight simulator. Recorded at airport gates, during pushback and along runways with microphone cap to produce accurate, realistic sound results. Transformed into 32bit format, these are the most amazing and most real sound you will never hear on a simulator.

Internal sounds
Cockpit and engine sounds recorded from cockpit over the pedestal to capture every moment. Recorded after maintenance check flight.
You can note that the engine idle running sound is quiet, heard with cockpit avionics.
  • Spool and take off sound will vary between aircraft.
  • Take off run and noise gear rolling sound available.
  • Gear retraction and gear wind will be heard after take off. You will have a nice audio sensation of reality... the sound of the wind entering into the location of the gear is very nice
  • Cabin crew bell sound.
  • Climb power and reduced engine power will be heard and wind into the windshield can also be heard.
  • Cockpit ambiance audio is replicated
To complete the package, other sound effects have been recorded and included, like Reversers (Two versions for reversers), Nose Gear rolling sounds, Autopilot disconnection sound, flaps sound, roll sounds, APU inside, glideslope warnings, Overspeed and Stall sounds. Even the air conditioning sound is captured!

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