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FlySimWare Erco Ercoupe 451C for FSX / P3D (Buy Download Online) - PC Aviator

The ERCO Ercoupe is a low wing monoplane aircraft designed and built in the United States. It was first manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation "ERCO" in 1939. It was designed to be the safest fixed-wing aircraft that aerospace engineering could provide at the time, and the type continues to enjoy a faithful following.

The Ercoupe 415C production continued after the War in 1945, powered by a 65 HP Continental A-65-8 engine. Aircraft that used 2-control system were powered by a 75 HP Continental C-75 engines. Once Ercoupe model was built in 1946 with a retractable undercarriage but no production followed.

Special features: are 2-control, Spin Proof, Stall Warning Cushion, Tricycle Landing gear, Steerable Nosewheel, Full Horizon Visibility and Wheel pants.

Equipment: A Continental C-75, Sensenich Propeller, electric starter, Generator, Battery, Propeller Spinner, Foot Brake, carburetor Heater, Bubble Windshield (Plexiglas type), Plastic Cabin Enclosure, Baggage Compartment and a full Set Contact Flight Instruments.

Performance Figures: (All performance figures from Sea Level and Full Gross Weight).....
  • Top speed 120 MPH
  • Cruising Speed 96 MPH
  • Climb 720 Ft. Per Min
  • Service Ceiling 13,000 Feet
  • Range 450 Mi @ 105 MPH, 530 Mi @ 80 MPH
  • Take-Off Run (no wind) 520 Feet and Landing Run (no wind, full brake) 190 Feet.
  • Real world specifications (Beta team approved)
  • Works for FSX and Prepar3D
  • High quality 3D gauges
  • HD baked textures with 2D Bump effects / World Reflections / Specular effects
  • Self shadowing effects for interior model (DX10)
  • Bones animation for animated windows
  • Custom sound set
  • Custom sound module for environment effects!
  • Custom XML coding for realistic gauges and animations
  • GTX330 Transponder
  • Removable GPS 295 (Dash mounted)
  • High quality animated pilots with optional settings
  • High quality 4 stage 3D propeller and prop effects
  • Control Linkage .......................... VC - Exterior
  • Pilots......................................... NO - Exterior
  • Doors / Windows........................ VC - Exterior
  • Switches / Levers ....................... VC - Exterior
  • Custom sound set!
  • Custom sound module for environment effects!
  • ERCO Ercoupe 415C (3D Logo / reflective nose cone)
  • ERCO Ercoupe 415C
  • N417MA - Civilian model (restored)
  • N3042H - Civilian model (restored)
  • N3642H - Civilian model (restored)
  • N3755H - Civilian model (restored)
  • N946607 - Civilian model (restored)
  • NC3530H - Civilian model (restored)
REQUIREMENTS: FSX with SP2 / FSX with Acceleration or P3D!




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