Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Test Pilot - Pushing The Envelope (FSX Missions Download) - PC Aviator Australia

New to PC Aviator is the work of Dave Chapman. Enjoy this set of 8 missions for FSX that will have you simulating the life and work of a real aviation test pilot. A unique set of missions, the genre of which has not been seen before if the Flight Simulator X world.

TEST PILOT - "Pushing The Envelope" (v1.1) is a complete set of 8 missions for FSX.

Each will push your abilities to the limit, with a wide variety of aircraft and locations across the globe.
You will need considerable skill to complete these flight tests, ranging from a tail scrape test in the 747 to a low level attack run in the F/A-18.

These missions will demand great skill and ability. You will turn your hand to formation flying with an artificially-intelligent F/A-18, perform an airworthiness check in a restored DC-3, land in 40 knot crosswinds in the 737, conduct an aerodynamics demonstration at 50,000ft and much more.

Mission Plans:
  • Cessna Suitability - Check the Cessna 172 is fit for purpose.
  • Crosswind Limits - Assess 40 knot crosswinds at a rain-soaked Boeing Field.
  • African Aid - Take a restored Military DC-3 through its paces before demonstrating a cargo drop.
  • Ground Attack - Take the F/A-18 out of its comfort zone and blast through the Swiss Alps low level to your bombing target.
  • High Altitude - See the curvature of the Earth at 50,000ft and see what effect high altitude flight has on aerodynamics
  • Tail Scrape - Determine the minimum takeoff speed in the 747 by dragging your tail on the runway and stagger into the air.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Glimpse the future of air combat and fly on the wing of a fully computer controlled fighter
  • Ski Jump - Reach for the skies in a new way. Perform a daring ski jump takeoff from snowy mountain sides of Alaska.
Produced by a real-world airline pilot, each mission is accompanied by an audio commentary, pre-flight briefing, many additional scenery objects and reward. You will need to adapt quicky to the job at hand.

The question is, are you ready?

FSX Gold/Acceleration

You can order your copy of these new missions from http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/product.php?productid=19912

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