Thursday, 9 January 2014

(Buy Online in Australia) Just Planes DVD - Continental Express ATR42

Not a new product, but newly listed at PC Aviator Australia and stock available now in Australia

Just Planes DVD - Continental Express ATR42

Now available in Australia is this special Continental Express ATR42 flight deck video production on DVD. Boxed copies shipping now from Brisbane!
World Air Routes visited Continental Express in the summer of 2001 and this DVD was filmed weeks before the September 11 attacks. As a result this is a rare opportunity to witness the departure and arrival in and out of Newark International Airport with views of the twin towers.

You will also experience the approach and landing on runway 29 with a sharp turn on very short final, a reminder of the Kai Tak Airport approach.
This DVD is a unique opportunity to visit airports such as Philadelphia, Bradley near Hartford, Albany and Burlington.

The crew goes over the briefing and flight information, Captain Mc Knight also gives you a cockpit presentation as well as an external walkaround of the ATR42.

Also included is a flight with views from within the cabin.

Watch the other 110 minutes of this DVD production by ordering your region-free DVD copy at PC Aviator Australia - http://www.pcaviator...roductid=555267

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