Thursday, 9 January 2014

Video Tutorial - Using Air Traffic Control for Instrument Flight Rules


From Bill Stack at TopSkills comes this new video tutorial which will teach you how to utilise Air Traffic Control guidance when undertaking Instrument Flight Rules flying. Buy now and be downloading, watching and learning just minutes later!

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Realistic Flight Simming
  • Requesting and hearing preflight briefings
  • Receiving clearance to fly IFR from towered and nontowered airports
  • Following ATC vectors and instructions
  • Acknowledging ATC transmissions
  • Requesting alternate vectors, airports, and runways
  • Declaring missed approaches
  • Receiving landing clearances
  • And many more ATC for IFR skills
Learn from a Professional Instructional Video
  • Scripted and edited narration
  • Distinct explanations for every step
  • Animated highlights for key concepts
  • Succinct explanations for everything
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Video duration 27:50 minutes
  • File size: 269 MB
  • ATC Glossary included
  • Instructions included
Focus and Limits
  • Explains air traffic control for instrument flight rules
  • Focuses on Microsoft Flight Simulator ®
  • Explains civilian air traffic control
  • Limited to single player simulations
  • For home flight simulation only
Does not explain:
  • Other simulation programs
  • MSFS add-ons
  • Instrument flight rules
Is not about:
  • ATC for visual flight rules
  • Combat simulations
  • Tower Simulations
  • Multiplayer simulations
  • Real-world aviation

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems
Uses common video players such as:
  • Windows Media Player,
  • Quick Time,
  • RealPlayer, and
  • Winamp.
  • Any video player that plays WMV files can show this video.
Get a Free V-Speed Card
  • Most common general-aviation V-speeds alphabetically on one side and by velocity on the other side.
  • Each V-speed is identified by name and abbreviation and explained in clear language.
  • Cards are a handy size for using right at your flight simulator.
  • Apply generally to all aircraft, not to any aircraft in particular.
Special Bonus Item: ATC Glossary
A 15-page glossary of commonly used terms regarding air traffic control is included free. It's based on the official Aeronautical Information Manual of the United States Federal Aviation Agency. In portable document format (PDF), it can be read with any software that reads PDF files.

Watch This Sample Video:

To maximize your benefits from Using ATC for IFR in MSFS , you should know how to use Microsoft Flight Simulator ®, how to fly the aircraft, how to navigate from airport to airport on instruments, and have a basic knowledge of instrument flight rules. You will find my videos and books helpful in this regard.

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