Thursday, 27 February 2014

Buy and Download FSPS Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 for FSX and P3D

FSPS-Ultimate-Airline-Crew-2014-DownloadFSPS's Airline Crew 2014 is an application that adds English prerecorded voices for all announcements that are made to the passengers from both command crew and cabin crew.

It accompanies the user from start to finish announcing every bit of what a big airline does on its flights. From the "Welcome aboard" to "Welcome to our destination" messages, everything in between is included.

The announcements are 'triggered' by events, easily configured with a wizard so the application can be considered "start and forget", and it is so light in software influence that it will have zero impact on frame rates or in PC performance in general.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... welcome aboard!

To see all the features of Ultimate Airline Crew 2014, head on over to

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