Wednesday, 5 February 2014

In Stock Now - Just Planes Blu-Ray Air France A380

JustPlanes-AirFrance-A380-BluRay-PCAviatIn Stock and Shipping Now from PC Aviator Australia
Enjoy the view from the cockpit of the Airbus 380 with this video production.

When you buy the Just Planes Air France A380 BluRay title from PC Aviator Australia, it ships from Brisbane, Australia. We do not drop-ship Just Planes titles from the USA like most other Australian stores offering this title. You get it faster, and more reliably when you buy from us!

The top-selling Just Planes Blu-Ray title, and with close to 5 hours of content of one of the most searched aircraft online, it is no wonder it is selling well. The interest among the public in the A380 is huge. Now you can setp aboard and get the inside look at A380 operations thanks to this new BluRay flight deck video title.

Air France was a launch customer for the Airbus A380 and became the 1st airline in Europe to operate the aircraft in 2009!

For the very first time you can take detailed look inside the Airbus A380 and discover what makes this aircraft so special and see what it takes to safely manoeuver an airplane this size. Air France Long Haul Airbus Fleet Manager personally presents the "super" to you from the time the crew reports at the airport to prepare the flight to the arrival at the destination gate. You will see what how involved it is to operate such a large aircraft and how advanced the A380 cockpit is. The purser also takes her time to talk about the A380 experience and presents the cabin operation.

This fantastic program is nearly 5 hours long, filmed with 7 cameras! We repeat the takeoffs & landings several tmes from various angles so you can really observe them well. There is really nothing like flying an A380 and this is likely one of our best programs ever produced. Don't miss it!

Video Features:
  • Cockpit filming using up to 7 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing
  • Detailed Preflight Preparations
  • Briefings & Checklists explained
  • Aircraft Walkaround checks
  • Depature & Arrival Airport Charts displayed and explained
  • Detailed Cockpit Presentation
  • Continuous route monitoring & diversion planning
  • BTV Presentation (Brake to Vacate)
  • Captain's Presentation
  • Purser Presentation
  • Cabin Presentation & Cabin service
  • Great scenery on both flights.

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