Sunday, 2 February 2014

Realflying Ultrapack Piper Cheyenne II Video Released

cheyenne-01.jpgThe latest Full HD video download from Realflying includes flights aboard the twin-engine Piper Cheyenne II Aircraft. Buy and download this video online from our super-fast server, or choose a backup DVD to be mailed to you for just $5.95 extra.

Very fast, short runways and a sexy plane. That's the new project of Realflying. Discover this twin engine turboprop aircraft on 6 single flights. New full ATC, crew communication recording and multiple camera views will give you a clear understanding how to operate the plane.

With the longest video production so far and 2 hours and 20 minutes you will be able to see all details of the plane.

Everything was recorded with the aim to get you really close to the plane. There is not one detail which was not recorded. In this video you will get to know all things about flying, operating and training in the Cheyenne II.

Start the video, lean back and enjoy as we are blasting along the clouds while the sun is setting with a dramatic light.
  • Video length: 140 minutes
  • Best 1080 Full AVCHD quality
  • New and full ATC recording on all flights
  • 6 different airport: Donaueschingen, Colmar, Grenchen, St. Gallen, Lelystad, Donauw√∂rth
  • Sunset and night flying with breathtaking views
  • Special night IFR ILS approach rwy 10 to St. Gallen/Altenrhein
  • Clear sound in all ways
  • Fully checklist recording
  • Recorded statements from very experienced cheyenne pilots
  • Autopilot, frequency, engines, etc. changes
  • Garmin GTN 750 exclusive long views and explanations
  • Outside refueling action
  • Very short runway operating at Donauw√∂rth-Genderkingen airport with 700m / 2300 feet
  • Very close outside start up from the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-28 engines
  • Stormscope, night ice, weather radar and much more details
  • Fuel, charts, radar, altimeter views
  • Full english cockpit explanations
  • Crew communication recorded for a clear understanding how to operate the plane
  • Start up, shut down, departure, checks, etc. explanations
  • Parking, flight and routing scenes from the pilots
  • Outside, cabin, cockpit inspection including ALL details of the Cheyenne II
  • Filming of all cockpit switches and screens
  • Clear views on the IPAD charts and flight plans
  • Long views on all changes in the cockpit to get exactly to know what the pilots do
  • Flight plan filling
  • Single pilot / Multi-Crew / IFR / VFR / Night flying in one video production
  • New double recording with multiple cameras providing different scenes
  • ILS editings with all steps, autopilot flying and also handflying
  • Hundreds of different views
  • All specifications about the plane

These Realflying videos are very popular, and this latest video production offers their best quality yet. You will not be disappointed.

Buy this downloadable video online at http://www.pcaviator...productid=20049

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