Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thermaltake Max 5 Duo SATA III HDD Rack for Hot-Swapping Drives

Thermaltake-Max5-Duo-Sata-HDD-Rack-PCAviby Dean Bielanowski

The ideal solution for flight simmers with a lot of data to back up, or for owners of large areas of MegaSceneryEarth photoreal areas.

This SATA III disk drive rack fixes into any spare 5.25" bay in your PC's case. Once connected with the included power cable and SATA data cable to your PC, the Max 5 Duo offers hot-swapping of internal 2.5" and 3.5" disk drives. No need to fix or hardwire these internal drives into your case ever again. With the Max 5 Duo HDD Rack, just push in your hard drive and you will have ready access to the files and backed up data on that drive.

You can save money by buying cheaper and usually more reliable internal hard disk drives over more expensive external USB drives, plus, benefit from the full SATA III speed that the Max 5 Duo rack offers. Don't be speed limited by USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 transfer speeds you get with your external hard disk enclosures.
  • Dual bays to fit one of each 2.5" & 3.5" SATA HDD or SSD
  • One (1) 2.5" SATA drive bay
  • One (1) 3.5" SATA drive bay
  • Supports two USB 3.0 ports via internal 20 pin header
  • Fits in a standard 5.25” drive bay for easy installation
  • Fully supports hot-swap and hot-plug capabilities (fast adding and removal of hard drives without needing to reboot your PC)
  • Tool-free access for easy HDD installation
  • HDD Access LED indicators tell you everything is working
  • Front panel power switch for quick power up or power down of HDD’s
We have the Max 5 Duo SATA III Hard Drive Racks in stock here in Brisbane at the PC Aviator Australia Office. Enjoy rapid dispatch and full local warranty.

Solve your critical data backup and access needs, and save money in the process.

A great solution for anyone that utilises multiple hard drives for backup or saving of important data, including
  • Flight Simmers using or archiving large photoreal scenery areas
  • Photographers for keeping backups of photos
  • General storage for all types of digital media
  • PC Tech experts utilising software backups
  • Recovery of files from multiple drive sources after PC crashes.



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